Funding for Progress toward Preservation

  1. Theatrical Lighting $5000
  2. Scrims purchased to use for movies & business meetings $1000
  3. Stage Curtains $5000
  4. Handrails in Balcony $2000
  5. Chandeliers for Auditorium $3000
  6. Office & dressing room furniture $1000
  7. Office equipment (copier, fax, etc.) $2000
  8. Special Projects, with board approval.

So far, the local community has donated or pledged $250,000 to this project. Over 120 people have “adopted” one of the new seats with a donation of $250. There are over 300 more seats waiting to be adopted. Any donation is appreciated. Pledges can be made over a period of years. Please see the form included on this page. This seat adoption will help pay for the installation of the seats and other building renovation expenses.

We Need Your Help to “Turn the Lights Back On Downtown”

Please print and use this form.

Form more information on how you can help, call Jane Pacey, Treasurer, 618-532-0638.

Illinois Theatre
P. O. Box 30
Centralia, IL. 62801